Graduate Workshops

The information of the undergraduate and graduate workshops that will be held within the scope of the 2021-2022 Fall Semester Workshops of the ITU Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program is briefly listed below.

1) Explo(r/d)ing Figures of Taşkışla | Müge Halıcı
in November 26-27-28 in 102B | apply until 24.11.2021
Capacity: 14 students | bring a personal computer

2) Co-Crochet | Özgüç Bertuğ Çapunaman, Benay Gürsoy and Cemal Koray Bingöl
in December 4-5-6 in 102B | apply until 29.11.2021
Capacity: 14 students
Prerequisites: Rhino/Grasshopperbring a yarn (3.0mm-5.0mm in thickness) and a crochet hook



3) Assembly for 3D Printing | Salih Özdemir
in December 26-27 in 102B | apply until 20.12.2021
Capacity: 10 students | Prerequisites: any 3D modeling program
bring 2.85mm diameter PLA 3D Printer Filament

Application: Please send the filled application form and your portfolio to